Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Happy New Year readers! 

Like most people I’m reflecting on the year gone by but mainly what I ate and drank. Looking over my Instagram profile (follow me) there is a real mix of meat, desserts and cocktails – my usual diet, but what surprised me the most was the influence of veganism and less dairy in my life. 


This was not me following a food trend but more about being food and body conscious. Friends have certainly made an impact on my diet changes,especially by friend Serena who runs VegansofLdn

Ok I’ll admit I still love a good steak and chicken curry but I am not the sort of person to deny myself of anything. Everything in modern is still my mantra of eating. But this year I’m cutting back (not cutting out) on what I consider the bad stuff; alcohol, deep fried foods and red meat. I’m going to give it a go starting today… roast leg of lamb is on the menu but I’m not touching it. Wish me luck!

 I look forward to sharing my next food adventures with you all via my blog, Twitter and Instagram.  Here’s to a great 2017.