Review: Maltby Street Market

Review: Malty Street Market

Whilst most London markets are becoming an overpriced tourist trap, Maltby street market paves the way in street food and artisan producers. Opened in 2010 in South East London, Maltby quickly became a to go place on the weekend. It’s bustling Ropewalk consists of start ups, gourmet food stalls, breweries and restaurants. Here are some of my Maltby moments:

Gyoza Guys

Duo Amir and Kien turned their love for dumplings into a thriving street food business. As well as their glorious gyozas, their udon noodles and Japanese seaweed salad is also available to snack on. Get there early as the queue gets ridic, the prawn and porn belly dumplings will make you want to come back again and again!

Dhan Waffles

These cute egg shaped cakes are a Taiwanese dessert. Owner Yi Yun ‘Irene’ cooks each dhan (on a hot metal griddle which are then covered  with a choice of 4 seasonal toppings including vanilla custard, salted caramel, raspberry sauce or their signiture peanut brittle. The brittle is a brick sized block grated to order. So moriesh!!!

Raclette Brothers

 Dubbed the Alpine Artisans the Raclette Brothers are serving up gooey melted cheese scrapped onto cured meats and pickles. Currently blowing up social media with their slow mo videos of cheese porn (see below).

Maltby St Market is a foodie paradise without extortionate prices. It might be small but it’s quality over quantity, shown through its popular crowds and passionate traders. By far the best street food market in London in terms of new upcoming vendors and diverse food choices.

Maltby Street Market

41 Maltby Street

Opening Times:
Saturday 9am – 4pm
Sunday 11am – 4pm