REVIEW: Dirty Bones, Shoreditch

Dirty Bones Shoreditch has launched it’s brunch menu, featuring all the usual filthy foods you crave BUT with avocado toast.

Opposite BoxPark this large Grade II listed building (once a French restaurant) has the vibes of a hipster pub; cosy, relaxed and of course DJ decks in the corner. The soft deep purple seats are so comfy it’s like sitting on your own living room sofa. The original high ceiling, cornicing and pillars gives the restaurant a taste of Victorian East London, bought up to date with framed street art and photography.

Its midday Saturday and the place is buzzing! Old school funk and soul plays in the background whilst diners stare at the plates of food passing by. Looking around the staff are on point, serving and waiting is run on a tight seamless ship.

The DB brunch menu is NYC comfort food on steroids divided into buns and bones (meat and waffles), eggs and toast (clue is in the title) and Shoreditch crumpets. Having scrolled through their Instagram feed I knew what I wanted to order:

A house special of Dirty Chai, a twist on the classic Indian chai tea made with almond milk (as requested) and a topped with a spiced foam. The chai was pleasantly warming and comforting with a subtle hint of spice and heat. 

Chicken and Waffles – Two crispy fried chicken pieces served on top of a freshly baked waffle with a shot of maple syrup a fried egg. The chicken was perfectly tender with a crispy coating, no greasy aftertaste! but don’t be alarmed if the meat is pink its supposed to be. The fluffy sweet waffle was ideal to mop up the runny yolk, definitely the best chicken and waffle combo I’ve eaten. If I had one criticism it would be for the chicken to be spicy but that’s my personal preference.   

My ultimate brunch go to is avocado toast with poached eggs. There are other eggs and toast options including smoked salmon and slow cooked short rib but I stuck with my staple. Two toasted puffed up crumpets with a generous helping of avocado & garlic guacamole, smothered with a luscious buttery hollandaise sauce. Pure heaven! spongy crumpets did not turn soggy from the creamy guacamole. The satisfaction of poking the delicately poached eggs  and watching the sunshine yolk flowing out is serious egg porn. Overall the dish is delicious, exactly what you want at a brunch. It is very rich and filling so I recommend choosing side dishes carefully. 

However I was in the mood for dessert and ordered the caramelised banana waffles; a strip of banana coated in a hard caramel, a freshly baked waffle accompanied with a ball of salted peanut better gelato with a scattered drizzle of chocolate sauce and blueberry jam.  A taste and texture sensation! Sweet, salty, cold, warm all at once, the gelato is the star of the plate.  The prickly peanut shell once cracked open reveals a smooth creamy centre. 

Dirty Bones Shoreditch exceeded my expectations. I loved the venue, the blend of vintage and modern decor and the spacious restaurant made a relaxing afternoon of eating. It wasn’t loud or overloaded with hipsters and is a perfect place to bring friends, a date or your Mum. The menu has something for everyone but lacked vegan options. I am already planning my next trip soon!

Dirty Bones , 1 Club Row, London, E1 6JX