Kikkoman at Sushi Samba

Kikkoman at Sushi Samba

Soy sauce king Kikkoman held an exclusive dinner at London’s Sushi Samba,  showcasing their latest range of condiments including teriyaki and gluten free dips. Kikkoman prides itself on sticking to it’s traditional receipe but also proving how versatile their products can be. From marinades for meats and soy sauce in cocktails, the Kikkoman brand is ever growing.

We started the night with aperitif cocktail a Kikkoman Negroni – Gin, vermouth, Campari, plum and soy. The herbal fusion of the campari with the saltness of the soy certainly awoken the senses and tastebuds. This prepared us for the taste testing challenge spotting which was a Kikkoman original against a store brand imposter, one being a more flavoursome sauce to an overpowering salt and bitter brand.

The menu was an Asian Fusion feast:

Crispy Waygu Taquitos 

Fresh tender waygu beef lightly coated in a spiced shichimi mayo with small chunks of silky avocado. Not only a pretty looking dish but pretty incredible textures of soft rich mouthwatering meat against creamy mayo and crispy salted taquito shell.

Churrasco Rio Grande

A hot stone platter of sliced ribeye, chorizo and waygu picanha. This heavenly array of grilled meats slow cooked to medium rare perfection, each in- keeping its own distinctive flavour from the more robust chorizo to the delicate waygu.

Coconut Rice

A deceiving dish of sticky creamy white rice resembling a rice pudding BUT it’s not. The rice is savoury,  sour flavoured with lime, chives and the sweetness of coconut is completely hidden by the citrus ingredients. Not my favourite choice of the evening but could of been better with a side of sticky sweet pork to balance the flavours.


Strips of succulent poussin marinated in the Kikkoman soy teriyaki gives a umami glaze to the meat. Japanese style mayo and yuzu kosho added a zesty kick to the sweet soy poussin.

I was impressed with the creativity of Kikkoman’s products, they have adapted to modern tastes and learnt to incorporate their condiments into any cuisine. Sushi Samba was the ideal setting for this event, stunning views of London overlooking the city’s skyline and beauty added a touch of elegance to the evening.